Faculty Dinner Dialogue

To continue cultivating a climate of vocational interest and a space for discussion, we offer one event each year (usually during spring term) that focuses attention on an issue of interest to faculty and the university community.  These dinner dialogue occasions provide an opportunity for conversations across disciplines about common concerns that shape the lives of our students.  These dinner dialogues are free and open to all Furman faculty, though space is limited.

For more information on the faculty dinner dialogues sponsored by the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection, please contact the Center at 864.294.2427.

Upcoming Faculty Dinner Dialogue: Spring Term 2014  (Dates will be announced soon.)

2012 Faculty Dinner Dialogue Event

Our guest facilitator for the 2012 faculty dinner dialogue was Dr. Melinda Denton, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Clemson University.  Dr. Denton’s research focuses on adolescence, religion, and culture, and her presentation/facilitation connected with the broader theme of our previous faculty seminar, Character Pedagogy in Higher Education.  Dr. Denton’s topic was “Understanding the Religious Lives of American Youth.”